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Development, analysis and deployment of spatially explicit models

of biological and natural processes

People living in BIOSPACE

Principal investigators

Jan Baetens

Cellular automata, individual-based models, coupled-map lattices

Aisling Daly

Spatio-temporal modelling, individual-based modelling, population ecology, biodiversity metrics

PhD candidates

Tijs Alleman

Modeling of communicable disease dynamics for policymaking, health economics, control theory

Wissam Barhdadi

Population ecology, metabolic ecology, ecological modelling, individual-based modelling, ODEs, Python, HPC

Lander De Visscher

Approximate Bayesian Computation, parameter inference, simulation-based inference, agent-based modelling, individual-based modelling, Python

Michiel Rollier

Non-uniform cellular automata, mathematical epidemiology, Python

Thomas Van Giel

Mathematical modelling of invasion and higher-order interactions in ecosystems

Tim Van Wesemael


Milan Vispoel

Cellular automata, discrete dynamical systems, spatio-temporal modelling, Python


Master students

Wolf Demuynck

Towards an operational epinomic model to support pandemic policy and increase pandemic preparedness

Matthias Gheysen

Explorations of the discrete universe: beyond elementary cellular automata

Hanna Jaspaert

Modelling ecological invasions to unravel resistance strategies

Jill Deygers

Saving the planet by eating more species



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